Sunday, April 28, 2013

Being In A Drama

Starring In A Korean Drama

Have you ever imagined yourself as the main girl in a Korean Drama??? I sure have, many times actually. 

It goes like this: 
1. You watch a drama
2. You fall in love with the main guy or the second lead
3. Then you imagine yourself as the main girl 
And BAM!!! You're a now a Korean Drama Star! (In your head of course)  

I have done this so many times, with a plethora of different dramas.  Some include: My Princess, Creating Destiny, Flower Boys Next Door, and Haeundae Lovers to name a few. Yes, I starred in all of these dramas, but it was all in my imagination! 

I remember watching a scene in 'My Princess' and then imagining myself as the main girl. It was the part when Song Seung-heon carried Kim Tae-hee, after her big press conference, and as a reward. Ah! That was so cute! I then decided that I had to be in that drama, so I imagined myself as Kim Tae-hee!

I find it funny to think about sometimes that we can actually "fall in love" with the characters of a drama. To the point that we imagine ourselves as the main girl or even think how it would be if we dated the character in real life! 

Maybe I just get way to involved with the Korean Dramas I watch, but nobody ever said that was a bad thing!

Have you ever "starred" in a Korean Drama? 
What Drama's do you imagine yourself in?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Why We Love the Second Male Leads

The main guy. . .  Whether you love him or hate him you know that in the end, no matter what he does, you know that in the end he is going to get the girl. The biggest challenge I find whilst watching dramas occurs when I prefer the second male lead more than the main guy himself.

In some dramas you watch, you are going to encounter the sadness of loving the second male lead. He could be the kind-hearted guy, the childlike, funny best friend, the bad boy or the one who sacrifices his own happiness for the main girl. Whichever character he may be you can’t help but love him!

A smile will come to your face when you watch a sweet moment between him and the main girl. However, that smile will soon leave as you realize that no matter how hard he tries to win the main girls heart, he will never get his prize.  

Personally, in the Korean Drama, Boys Over Flowers, I found myself preferring the second main lead, Kim Hyun-joong. I really appreciated his personality and charm in this drama. He was always protecting, helping and encouraging the main girl, Ku Hye-sun. He encouraged her to go after the one that she loved; who happened to be Kim Hyun-joong’s good friend. Although he loved Hye-sun, he knew that she loved his friend and decided that her happiness was important. So he encouraged her to love, while protecting her along the way. So sweet!

In the Korean drama, "To the Beautiful You", I found that I like both the main guy, and also the second male lead. They both had my vote, although, I found myself supporting the second lead even more! I am just a softy to sweet, lovable leads! 

There will be times, depending on how much you get involved with the drama, you are going to be talking to the computer screen saying, “It’s okay.” Or thinking, “If it were me, I would have picked you!”

What drama’s have you watched where you liked the second male lead more than the main guy?


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Why We Watch and Love Korean Dramas

Korean Dramas. If you've seen any Korean dramas you probably got excited when I mentioned them just now. If you haven’t seen any, you may be wondering why someone would watch them.

It’s quite simple, watch one Korean drama and most likely you’ll get hooked on them for life. That’s what happened to me, my sister, best friend and many others.

When I watched my first Korean drama, to be honest, I turned it off.  Why…..? Seriously, I was not interesting in reading subtitles and I didn’t think that it could be that great. But then, one day I was extremely bored and out of that boredom I decided to watch an episode of “My Princess”.  I was hooked on the first episode.

I remember it was a very busy weekend; I had places to go and things to do. When I had a moment, even if it was just 10 minutes, I spent that 10 minutes watching the drama. I left my computer turned on with the episode up so I could quickly watch a few minutes before leaving for my next activity. I watched all 16 episodes of “My Princess” in about 3 days. Crazy right? If you watch Korean drama’s you’ve probably done the same!

You find yourself looking at the clock late at night convincing yourself to watch just one more episode and then clicking the play button to continue. You may cover your eyes afraid of what happens next. Most likely, you will fall in love with the male lead and find yourself smiling whenever he smiles or when he says, or does something sweet. You will also feel the embarrassment of the main characters whenever something awkward happens. On numerous occasions, I’ve stopped watching and walked out of the room to calm down before continuing in my Korean drama.  They really draw you in!

So why do we love Korean dramas?  I really can’t identify one specific  reason. I love the language, the culture, the story lines. Everything!

Why do you love Korean dramas? What was the first drama you watched? Let me know!